कोमल ओलीको प्रश्न – नेपालीको पूजाभक्तिमा कहाँ कमजोरी भयो र देवतासमान राजा हटे ?

कोमल ओलीको प्रश्न – नेपालीको पूजाभक्तिमा कहाँ कमजोरी भयो र देवतासमान राजा हटे ? KomalOli’s Question to All – ’Where was the Fault in Worship Process? Why was the Importance of Our Religion Suppressed? Why was the King Sacked?
Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCneal, January 04, 2017 – Addressing a huge mass in Mid-Western Development Region, in a bold manner, KomalOli asks question to the mass where the fault was there in worship process. Also, she asked the mass why the importance of our religion was suppressed. Accordingly, she has clearly said there should be high respect to King.

There has been another question among us – ‘Where was the weakness in our worship process and so our Hindu Religion was destroyed; our costume was snatched from us; and we could do nothing except accepting it? We were waiting and watching poorly thinking that the country would exist and once we would build it up.”

KomalOli says, “Dear people of Mid-Western Development Region, Karnali is our head, which is considered as the origin of Nepali language. If Karnali, which is considered as the origin of art and literature, is the head of Mid-Western Development Region, the relationship between Rapti and Veri is like the relationship between breath and body.

There is no existence of body in absence of breath; accordingly, there is no existence of breath without body. In this way, in front of the people of Mid-Western, which has carried the history, we are drumming the feeling of SARWABHAWANTU SUKHINA from Swargadwari to Bageshwori, Dailekh’sholi-places to KhairabangBhagawati; and we are doing Hip-Hip Hurry. But a question has been raised in front of us now actually where the weakness is in our worship procedure; and so the foundation of our nation ‘Monarchy’ demolished in our nation.